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We have a Winner: How I Met My Other!

After much deliberation, Erin Sweeney and her fiance Brian have won JPG’s Valentine’s Day contest “How I Met My Other!” Erin’s Story was too good not to share! Erin and Brian, we can’t wait to meet you for your free-mini shoot and congratulate you in person! Well done!


Their Story:

My hair has always been my Achilles’ heel.  After a lifelong struggle with hair product ratios, anti-frizz broken promises, and more than my fair share of unfortunate hair cuts (corresponding nicely with my awkward braces and neon clothing phase), I’ve finally come to terms with my curly hair.  At the very least, I have it figured out enough to maintain a sort of controlled out of control look.  Two important rules I have developed along the way:  1. never EVER brush it. ever. [again]  and 2. chop off anyone’s hand who attempts to touch it, lest they risk becoming entangled in my mane for the rest of our days and/or causing the hair to expand exponentially…

Flash forward to my 29th birthday celebration on Saint Patrick’s Day…My friends and I found ourselves at Tir Na Nog…when a stranger came up to me and complimented my hair, then asked if he could touch it…No one touches my hair, Stranger…

The problem was, not only was it St. Patrick’s Day and we were in an Irish bar, but the gentleman making this request happened to ask with the intoxicating lilt of an Irish accent. My other Achilles’ heel.  Brogue trumps frizz, so I permitted the hair touch, much to the gawking surprise of my friends.  My future husband reached in for his handful of curls and declared, “It’s like puttin’ yer hand into a warm gluv.”  And I was done.

Unfortunately, so was his phone, making the number exchange impossible.  (Best friend) Michele, promptly sent him an email with the subject line “YOUR SOULMATE” and my phone number with only the words “Call her.” in the body.  He called the next day and we’ve spent the following two years becoming best friends, fiances, and skilled interpreters of each others’ accents.  This May, Ireland is coming to America to celebrate with us as we get married.  His only request during the wedding planning process – that I wear my hair curly…



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