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Behind the Scenes: JPG at Work

Outstanding photographers like those at JPG are measured not only by the quality of the images they produce, but by the relationships they build with clients, their willingness to take chances, their creativity and their ability to be stealthy. Yes, stealthy. Photographers are the ninjas of the wedding industry. Never do we cower away from a tight squeeze, a high climb, or an inconspicuous worms-eye view. Just when you think we’re not watching, BAM got that shot of Granny getting lots of love on the dance floor from two groomsmen. It’s our job to make sure you don’t worry about the behind the scenes!

There is much preparation for a shoot like making sure batteries are charged, lenses are clean and once gear is accounted for, add more…we take extra everything!

Wrist braces and bicep curls are encouraged, it takes a lot to hold lights and cameras up all day long. Once I started shooting weddings I dropped my gym membership because squats are incorporated throughout shooting. We haven’t even gotten to cardio, we are always one step ahead and usually that requires some running.

Training our eyes takes experience and a keen sense of detail. If the second to last bridesmaid in the lineup has a spec of filet mignon between her teeth, we better get to her in time. If you look closely you may spot us in a tree, behind the bar, or under an hors d’oeurve cart. 

By the end of the evening we might be exhausted, and tossed around a little but believe me, we partied with the best of them. There is nothing more thrilling than getting in the mix on the dance floor surrounded by happy people.

Our love for photography brings us together at JPG. It is so great to know that our team members are friends outside of work which makes us closer when we shoot. In our city of brotherly love, we represent just that. During weddings, we even try to Instagram so you can see what’s happening in real time so check us out at

Remember, stealth is the key.

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Photographers on this Shoot

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