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Jen & Gordon’s Classy Winter Bash at Northern Liberties’ Cescaphe

On a day when two families are coming together, it’s a sweet and honorable thing to include everyone. In Jennifer and Gordon’s Cescaphe wedding in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia, Gordon’s young son, Dylan, was one of two best men, and he filled his duties well.

Everyone got ready at the amazing Penthouse Suite at the Omni — one of the best hotel rooms in the city for large bridal parties — we love that room because there’s plenty of room to spread out, and there’s gorgeous natural light to work with. Then we decided to take Jennifer’s dress outside on Independence Mall for some fun shots of it showing off its bling.

Two of her bridesmaids came with us to keep the dress out of the soggy mud. One of them was especially protective of that dress, and said she was willing to get dirty for it. Perfect dedication! Especially since, as we were bringing it back inside, she tripped over some bags and hit the floor! But her dedication proved true, as the dress never brushed against the carpet. Those were some impressive gymnastics!

The ceremony was sweet, and Gordon’s mother was weeping. We caught a shot of her through the groomsmen with her grandson Dylan in the foreground. Before Jennifer and Gordon had said their vows, Gordon’s mother came up and gave him a kiss–as their officiant said, she was the first person to give him a kiss and the last person to give him one as a single man.

Two of the craziest moments came back-to-back when we went to do photos of the wedding party. We only had 20 minutes, and the awesome Cescaphe staff allowed us to walk down to their sister site, Tendenza, to do some photos in front of the bar and exposed brick. The ladies showed off their curves — with the help of some cocktail-hour liquid courage. And when we got back, a bridesmaid and a groomsmen decided the best entrance they could make, would be in the other’s clothes. So, they changed, and with the help of some stretchy fabric, he managed to keep the shoulder-less dress on his body. It was one of those things you were glad to see, but never want to see again. Ha!

Dylan then gave the blessing, which was an emotional moment for everyone. He carried a curious maturity throughout the day. Near the end of the reception, Dylan let loose and at everyone else’s encouragement, allowed himself to just be a kid. He rocked out on the dance floor. Way to go Dylan!

It was an honor being there for you, Jen and Gordon. Thank you, and we hope to be there in the future to watch your family grow.


Joe G.

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